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“L’esprit s’enrichit de ce qu’il reçoit, le cœur de ce qu’il donne”. Victor HUGO

We need you!

Our forests and woodland are experiencing unprecedented health crises (spruce bark beetle, ash chalarosis, oak dieback, etc.). Our trees, weakened by successive droughts, are no longer able to withstand biotic and abiotic attacks and the numerous diebacks that are now occurring.

ACTION is urgently needed!

By becoming a sponsor for Trees for Future, you are making a practical contribution to the research aimed at building the forests of tomorrow in response to climate change.

Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour sauver les forêts de demain

What do we use your donations for?


The SRFB is examining the possibility of developing a project enabling the resilience of our forests to be increased in the face of climate change.

We are establishing contacts with scientists, the academic world, etc.

We are creating a network of partners in Belgium and abroad.



Birth of the ” Forest Arboretums ” project, led by the SRFB

Selection of the 30 new forest species and provenances that will be tested

Search for the sites where the trees will be planted

Creation of the Friends of the SRFB Fund with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation, enabling tax-deductible donations to be made.


Identification of the 20 first sites

Planting of the first 11 species and 21 provenances tested



First project monitoring programme (recovery rate, health check, growth, etc.)

Planting of 6 new species

Cultivation of new species by the nurseries

Recruitment of 7 volunteers to make health observations and take measurements on the ground


Identification of the planting sites for winter 2021-2022

Planting of 5 new species at 6 new sites planned for the autumn

Tracking of plantings (resistance to drought, attacks by insects/fungi, growth measurements, etc.

Recruitment of a new employee to manage the volunteers and analyse the early data gathered.

Change of name. The project will now be called Trees for Future


Keep track of the project’s progress with our news

What are the needs of the Trees for Future project?

We make it a point of honour to work in line with the principles of transparency and sound governance.

We benefit from the precious support of an amazing team of volunteers, who devote their time and skills to the project.

The sites where the trees are planted and which are the subject of this study are made available free of charge by the owners of the forest and woodland. These planting sites are distributed across the whole of Belgium.

The project’s financial requirements are used to enable our enthusiastic team of 3 to manage and run the Trees for Future project. Part of the budget also makes it possible for us to develop the communication tools needs to provide information about the project’s progress.

To guarantee the continuity of the Trees for Future over time, the estimated annual budget required is 200,000 €.

This project exists solely thanks to your donations.

You have the power to act! We’re counting on you!

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