Species of the future

Which species are we testing?

The current selection comprises 30 different species (11 hardwoods and 19 softwoods). The task of selecting these species drew on the experience of the members of the scientific committee. Various dendrologists (tree specialists) were also consulted and the results of a range of similar projects in other countries (Reinfforce, Esperence, research by the WSL in Switzerland, etc.) were examined.

Each species is represented by two or three different provenances in order to select the best genetic material for the future, depending on the soil and climate conditions.

Plusieurs essences d'arbres sont testées sur nos parcelles expérimentales en Belgique

How did we select the species?

Three sets of criteria were used:

Ecological criteria

For example, the known ability of the species to withstand drought and excessive heat, combined with good resistance to cold snaps (which will remain possible despite the expected changes to the climate);

Biological criteria

(not known to be invasive);

Economic criteria

(species whose wood has a known value in terms of timber).