Our partners

Scientific committee

We work closely with a thorough and experienced scientific committee tasked with selecting the species and provenances to be tested. Together, we have developed and validated both the installation protocol and the tracking protocol. In the future, this committee will contribute towards analysing the data gathered.

The committee is made up of:

  • a number of Belgian universities (KULeuven, UCLouvain and ULiège),
  • the Department for the Study of the Natural and Agricultural Environment (DEMNA) and its Flemish equivalent, the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO).
  • the Department of Nature and Forests (DNF), via the Comptoir Forestier (the Walloon service for collecting and sorting forest seeds),


The plants are produced from seeds purchased in the countries in which the trees we have selected originate. Through the partnership developed with nurseries in Belgium and France, we are able to draw on their expertise to handle these seeds and to provide us with high-quality plants that are ready for planting.


The scientific monitoring of the trees planted requires numerous measurements and observations to be taken on the ground in spring and autumn. This represents a volume of work that our team would not be able to handle by itself. For this reason, we have recruited a team of volunteer foresters who have been specifically trained to gather information in the field while adhering strictly to the scientific protocol.

Forest owners

Eager to find species and provenances able to withstand climate change, numerous owners of forest and woodland (private and public) have generously made experimental planting sites available to us in their forests, while also handling their maintenance.


The Trees for Future project operates mainly using private funds. It can only exist thanks to the generosity of people who are aware of the issues facing our forests (with the ability to make a tax-deductible donation for the benefit of the project) and to businesses committed to the cause.

How to become a sponsor

Our thanks go to all of our partners whose support has enabled this project to come to fruition.

Les nombreux partenaires de Trees For Future font vivre se projet